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ShowDown® Insurance FAQ

Here are answers to some common questions. Every event is different, so if you have more questions, please reach out. Our team of experts is here to help to craft the exact coverage you need for your event.


Do we need to cover our entire budget, including the event revenue, or just our expenses? 

You have two options … You can insure your full Gross Revenue or full Expenses.  We always recommend insuring your Gross Revenue limit. This provides coverage for net profit generated from your event(s). If this is critical to your organization’s operating budget, it is important that it be insured. Because ShowDown®’s rates are among the lowest in the industry, covering both revenue and expenses can still be affordable.


How long before the event date can we apply for coverage?

ShowDown® is the only Event Cancellation program in the industry that allows coverage to be bound up to three (3) years / thirty-six (36) months prior the event.  The sooner that coverage can be bound, the better it is for the event organizer.  Rates and coverage parameters can be locked in.


Is there any benefit to waiting to closer to the event date?

No, in fact the opposite is true.  Again, the sooner the better.  As an example, event organizers who purchased coverage prior to the COVID pandemic, were able to purchase Communicable Disease coverage and were thus covered when the pandemic cancelled their event.  Organizers who waited until the outbreak was already a known threat were not able to include Communicable Disease coverage in their policies.


Can you offer coverage for Nuclear, Chemical, Biological and Radioactivity Terrorism exposures?

Yes, ShowDown® is the only program in the market that can cover each of these perils.


What do you offer for Terrorism coverage?

ShowDown® has several options for covering Terrorism.  The ShowDown® policy form provides the most comprehensive Automatic Coverage.  Additionally, broader terrorism coverage options are provided in each proposal, allowing event organizers to select the best coverage for their event.


How do ShowDown®’s rates compare to the competition?

ShowDown®offers the most competitive rates in the industry.  In addition, ShowDown® features the broadest coverage form.  These two factors combine to make ShowDown® the best value in Event Cancellation insurance.


Can we purchase coverage for cancellation due to a Communicable Disease outbreak other than COVID-19?

No, the claims caused by the COVID-19 pandemic has virtually eliminated the insurance market’s willingness to provide Communicable Disease coverage.

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